The Denim Reworkshop

The Denim Reworkshop

Community and accessibility are at the heart of our ethos. BVL began as an ode to my younger self, with the mission to provide knowledge and support to young people seeking to design and create without the same limitations that I faced growing up. We aim to provide this through various hands-on workshops and classes held at AP Studios. The first of many being the Denim Re-Workshop. 

 A huge THANK YOU and so much love to those that attended, we even had some of you commute all the way from Wales (Wild!). You’re the greatest and the support from you doesn’t go unnoticed! It was so cool to see the variations in design, a few of you ran straight to bleaching while others created psychedelic-style artwork using dyes directly on the denim. 

There was a range of skills and knowledge from complete beginners to experienced fashion students, but no one was overshadowed and the vibe was incredible throughout, especially for a Sunday!

The aim of the workshop was to showcase and try out different techniques that can be used to revamp your old denim jeans and jackets. The plan was to have a variety of customisation stations which included: Bleaching, dyeing, painting, cut & sew, screen printing and heat transfer. There were no limitations and techniques could be merged. Our role was to merely support and guide the creative process and offer any of our expertise wherever needed.

It was exciting to see how people would use the facilities and what they would end up creating – they didn’t disappoint. I loved all the designs and creations on the day but there were two standouts for me personally: 

  • Billie
  • I’ve never seen double denim done so well. The triple pocket on the bottoms with a custom leather panel was already crazy, then to custom bleach the jacket and screen print your graphic onto it, giving the illusion that the graphic was negative bleach, was f*cking genius! (Plus, the graphic was nuts!)

  • Mr Bibars
  • A gentle soul, with very interesting and exciting ideas. Anyone who asks for spray-paint, I know I’ll like straight away. What I loved about his design was not just the selective use of colour, but the placement of the tag, the way the jeans fell on you gave me ‘code name kids next door’ vibes, which I loved so much. When he asked me to vectorise the patch of paint he used to create the original work, as a graphic to print on the back, it brought the whole design full circle -  Bravo my guy, bravo.

    Honorary mention to MCLV who spent around 5 hours in a trance-like phase just working on hand-dying, drawing directly to the garment. He even shared his incredible sketchbook with us. It’s very rare you see someone complete a whole sketchbook. Cameron came with a wealth of concepts and the use of colour was spectacular. Very nicely done! 


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