ASAPFTGOOP stands for always strive and prosper for the good of our people. 

We felt a certain vacuum in our area, siphoning off the new generation of talented creatives elsewhere because no programmes or schemes resonated with our abilities or aspirations.

BVL formed this foundation in the fall of 2019 with the The Black Lives Matter Movement solidifiying the need for it after seeing disadvantaged and impoverished youth in our local area and across the world who have ambitions and an appetite to get into the game but without the means to do so.




Our aim is to nurture young creatives and provide access to the tools, information and networks of other likeminded individuals to turn their passion and vision into a reality.                                                                                                                                                    

The Gang
Ola Akinlade, founder of BVL designs. @bvl.designs
Charlie Pollard, owner of GLORYDAYS. @charliepoolad
Andrew Johnson, video production specialist with Drew Shoots. @_aj_012
Nigel Matambo, AR network programme partner with Facebook. @sununguro
Mark Podd, Music Production
Reef Rounding, multimedia artist. @camera.papi

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