How long will it take for my trainers to arrive?

Customs take 3-4 weeks to arrive after the order is made unless it is a commissioned piece, in which case you will be given a timeframe tailored to your design.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes I ship worldwide. International orders (non UK orders) have an extra £20 charge.

Are the customs waterproof?

Yes. All customs are made using the highest quality leather paint which will NOT crack or peel when prepped or applied to sneakers. Once completely dry, the paint is completely waterproof.

Each order also comes with a protective crep protect hydrophobic coating.

Can you paint on trainers I already own?

Yes. If you want me to paint on trainers you already own, this can be arranged. You will have to cover the delivery cost.

Do you take a deposit?

Yes. I normally take a £100 deposit or for higher value commissions 50% of total price. 

Do I have to pay a deposit if you're painting on shoes I already own?

No. Your shoes will be used as a deposit.

How much do your customs cost?

Designs I have already made currently range between £150 - £200 (excluding P+P).

Prices for enquiries vary depending on the designs but prices start from £200.


I use high quality materials which are scratch-proof, non-peel and resistant to most elements. I recommend cleaning with cold water.

How do I enquire?

You can make an enquiry through the Requests page, slide me a DM on Instagram or Facebook or email me at akinladeola1@gmail.com. Website requests and emails are preferred.